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About Dundrum House

Dundrum House is steeped in history from it was built in the early 1700's. Apart from a few modern conveniences, the house remains in it's original state. Historians have taken photographic recordings of ceilings, doorways and th estaircase, because if the house were ever destroyed, the beautiful architecture could not be replaced.

The outstanding feature of this dwelling is the very fine granite Gibbson doorcase with fanlight, from which there is an excellent view of the countryside. Since Dundrum House was built, in the 1720's, there have been many occupiers. Unfortunately, records of names only go back to 1826, to when a Mr. McBride was the house holder, followed by Mr. Samuel Kidd in 1836. After Mr. Kidd's death, his heirs rented the property out to many. In 1876 the house was occupied by the Barcroft family, followed by the Armstrong family, up until 1943.

Since March 1943, Dundrum House has been in the Nugent family name, when it was bought by the late Hugh Nugent and remains a working farm to this day. At the foot of the avenue there stands magnificant cast iron gates and pillars; white painted. During the Second World War, metals as well as clothes and food were scarce. Attempts were made to seize the long white gates, but these failed. So it can be said " The White Gates of Dundrum," which today are a landmark, survived a world war.

Original Gate
Picturesque Setting
Window View

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