Armagh - Where to go, and what to see:-

There are many reasons to visit Armagh. These are only some .
We are at the heart of celebrating the life of Saint Patrick and a major destination on the Saint Patrick’s Trail. There are many special things to experience in Armagh ranging from the historically unique Navan Fort, stunning National Trust properties, unmatched Georgian architecture, two Saint Patricks Cathedrals, the amazing green space of the Mall and the chance to indulge in all manner of activities in a beautiful natural environment. A significant place we want to share.

At A Glance

Emain Macha… from where the ancient Kings of Ulster ruled… As one of Irelands most famous and important archaeological sites, the legendary Emain Macha home of the famous Red Branch Knights and Ulster Cycle of tales is a place were myth and reality meets. The Centre offers visitors a unique appreciation of the history of the area.

Armagh Planetarium is a multifaceted organisation dedicated to astronomy education for all levels, from nursery through to retirement age. It is the Planetarium’s unique ability to adapt to changing audience needs that has enabled it to stay at the forefront of science education since its formation.

The imposing twin spires of the Catholic Cathedral overlook the City on an elevated site. It was on this hill on the 17th March 1840 that the foundation stone for Saint Patrick’s Catholic Cathedral was laid by Archbishop Crolly. It was over 60 years before the Cathedral was completed, with consecration on 24th July 1904.

Saint Patrick founded his great church on the hill of Armagh in 445AD. The present building dates from 1268 and was last restored in 1834. The Cathedral contains an 11th century Celtic Cross and a number of sculptures from the Iron Age to the 20th century. The High King of Ireland, Brian Boru, was buried in the Cathedral grounds in 1014.

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